BAUTECH White Roofing

It is a white waterproofing paint for roofs and tiles. BAUTECH WHITE ROOFING® reduces properly heat absorption, solves water leaks problem and decreases the rain noise.


  • Ceramic tiles
  • Roofs in general (concrete, asbestos-cement, metal…)
  • Concrete slab
  • Recommended use for residential and industrial buildings



26,45 and 440,9 lb (12 and 200kg)




3 (three coats)


215,28 ft2/26,45 lb (20m2/12kg)


3 to 5 hours


24 hours


24 mese starting date of manufacture


  • Generates energy savings with air-conditioning costs.
  • Product water based and free of VOC.
  • Form an elastic and waterproof flexible membrane
  • High resistance to UV rays, fungi and bacteria


  • The cleaning of the substrate is essential for the efficiency of the product. So the site should be completely dry, solid and free of any substance that may prejudice the adherence (such as wax or resin).
  • If there is wax, acrylic resin or other products to form film on the substrate it must be removed completely before applying the BAUTECH COOL ROOF®.
  • If applied on concrete slabs, it needs to be cured and with a compatible strength (28 days).
  • For substrates with exposed gravel, it is recommended to use a polymeric mortar to regularize and the estimated wait time, for the application of BAUTECH WITHE ROOFING®, is 28 days.
  • Imperfections, cracks or fissures must be eliminated before application. It is recommended, also, 28 days for the application of BAUTECH WITHE ROOFING®.
  • The joints between tiles must first be sealed with the proper tape or specific mortars for this type of request.


BAUTECH WITHE ROOFING® is a ready to use product, but for application on cementitious substrates with high absorption a primer layer must be applied, at the beginning and for the primer preparation add 10% of clean water into the seal and mix by hand or with a 400-600 RPM mixer for 3 minutes. The second and third coat must be applied pure without mixing with water. In other cases we recommend applying BAUTECH WITHE ROOFING® as supplied.


  • BAUTECH WITHE ROOFING can be applied by brush, paint roller or air less. The intervals between layer is between 3 – 5 hours
  • A suitable waterproofing mash must be applied on junctions, sides and corners just after the first layer to reinforce these areas.
  • The time for contact with rain water is 24 hours


  • Keeping the package closed when it is not in use.
  • Never reuse the package for any purpose than the conditioning product.
  • Store in original package in a dry,ventilated area away from heat sources.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Prepare and apply the product always on environment vented to dryness
  • It is recommended the use of personal protection equipment in accordance with Work and Worker Health rules, such as gloves, boots and goggles.
  • In case of contact with skin and eyes, while the product is not cured, flush with current water for 15 minutes. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. In both cases, see a doctor immediately and take the package of the product.


  • The information in this data sheet is based on laboratory testing and in our knowledge about the product. Measured values may vary due to environment. The BAUTECH warrants this product is free from manufacturing defects and the warranty extension is limited to the purchase price of your product, only if proven to be defective and when used as recommended. No other express or implied warranties, and no salesman, agent, distributor or dealer has the authority to extend, modify or suppress these provisions.
  • For more information, please contact the Technical Department of BAUTECH


  • Do not apply to damp substrate
  • Do not apply on bitumen (asphalt)
  • Do not apply when the surface temperature is or will be in the next 24 hours, temperature below 50 F ° or above 86 F ° (10 C ° or above 30 C °)
  • Do not have chemical and mechanical resistance