BAUTECH Rapflex Plus

Is a bicomponent mortar, ready for use, free of chloride, based on special cement, with selected aggregates, additives and fibers.


  • Quick Repair on floors and pavements of concrete in industries and highways. Allows the release of the repaired area to vehicular traffic in just 2 hours
  • Fixing machinery and equipment, allowing for extremely fast maintenance stops;
  • Repair of the edges of the expansion joints on bridges and viaducts;
  • Repair of concrete in industrial areas under the presence of acid (pH> 3.5), fats, oils, sulfates and cleanliness products;
  • Execution and floor repairs in cold storage chambers at temperatures up to negative 4° F (consult our technicians on procedures);
  • It allows the concrete to be painted in just 24 hours.


  • Easy to apply, just mix the two compounds (mortar and additive)
  • High initial strength after 2 hours;
  • High long term mechanical strength;
  • High resistance to aggressive agents such as acids and sulphates;
  • Extensive use between, 41° F to 95° F;
  • Low sensitivity to low temperatures;
  • Shrinkage compensated;
  • Excellent resistance to ice / thaw cycles;
  • Liberation mortar to be painted in just 24 hours.



55.12 lb (micro concrete) + 1 gallon of additive


140.5 lb / ft3


0 to 0,1”


11.3 lb /1.0 in thickness/ ft2


86°F (20 min)

68°F (40 min)


1 Hour


24 months from date of manufacture


  • All substrate must be structurally sound, solid, rough, clean and free of any substance that can reduce adhesion as grease, oil or dust. Portland concrete base must have a minimum of 3 days;
  • Break the substrate until to achieve a concrete with good resistance, minimum concrete depth of 0,8 in, leaving the vertical edges;
  • All types of substrate must be washed with water. Remove excess water before the application


  • Mix each 55,12 lb bag of RAPFLEX PLUS with the second component,1 gallon of RAPFLEX PLUS additive, specially developed to increase adhesion to substrates.
  • Mixing time: 4 – 5 minutes
  • In manual mixing not use more than one bag and mix with energy;
  • Working time of mix: 25 minutes at 68° F or 15 minutes at 83° F;
  • For thicknesses above 1,5 in mix each bag of RAPFLEX PLUS with 16 lb of stone, which must be washed prior to mixing to remove all dust. The most practical way is to use the RAPFLEX 10. It is a micro concrete ready for use with the same technical characteristic.


  • Launch RAPLEX PLUS with the aid of a vibrator or a metal rod in the case of areas smaller than 10 ft2.
  • Give the finish with a trowel.
  • After the start of drying, keep moist and surface covered with wet plastic bags for at least 2 hours.
  • Thicknesses and Boards:
  • Minimum thickness (in): 1”.
  • Distance between joints (in): 800”.
  • Special Applications
  • In temperatures around 32° F, mix each bag of RAPFLEX PLUS with 1 gallon of hot water (± 120° F)


TIME 2 hours 6 hours 24 hours 7 days 28 days


5070 5800 > 7250 > 7250
FLEXURAL STRENGTH (psi) 362 450 580 650 > 790


  • Keeping the closed container when not in use.
  • Never reuse the packaging for any purpose other than the conditioning of the product.
  • Store the original packaging in a dry, ventilated area away from heat sources.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Prepare and apply the product to the ever-drying ventilated area.
  • We recommend the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves, boots and goggles.
  • In case of contact with skin and eyes, rinse with clean running water for 45 minutes. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. In both cases, consult a doctor immediately and take the pack.


The information contained herein is supported by tests, analyzes and technical knowledge. Measured values and results may fluctuate due to environmental characteristics and / or use of the product that are not manufacturer’s responsibility. There is no other express or implied warranties. No agent, seller, distributor or dealer has the authority to extend, modify or suppress these provisions.


  • Do not mix with Portland cement or apply on Portland cement concrete still fresh.