BAUTECH Rapfinish

Non-shrink coating mortar with high strength to low thickness, based on special cement and additives for repairs and smoothing concrete floors, ceramic, wood and masonry, with low thickness, before installing a finishing floor.


  • For low thickness coatings to be painted or protected by ceramic, wood or similar materials;
  • Levelling of substrates to receive vinyl or wood floors;
  • Eliminates irregularities or cracks on the substrate;
  • To apply on ceramics, wood or dry-walls;
  • For fast maintenance allowing painting with all types of construction paints in less than 24 h


  • Easy to apply;
  • Fast drying (less than 3,0% moisture in 24h);
  • Low cost;
  • High power bonding;
  • Since a thin layer of 0,04 in. up to 1⁄2” (1,0 mm up to 12.7 mm);
  • High performance.



10 lb (4,5kg)




91,54 in3/ bag (1.5 liters/bag)

COVERAGE (For Conventional Applications)

300 ft2 per bag


8 minutes – 69,8°F (21°C)


24 months from date of manufacture


  • The cleaning of the substrate is essential for the efficiency of the product. So the site should be completely dry, intact, solid and free of any substance that may hinder the accession.


  • Take care of good cleaning of tools and utensils;
  • The recommended ratio is two parts of RAPFINISH to one part of water;
  • In a clean container, put the water and add the RAPFINISH;
  • Make manual or mechanical mixing, until to the desired workability and consistency;
  • Mixing time: 3 minutes.


  • With a flat metal trowel, apply RAPFINISH on the substrate within 8 – 10 minutes.
  • Recommended thickness: from 0,04 in.(1mm) to 1⁄2” . (12.7mm) per application.
  • Maximum thickness of 1,0”.(25.4mm).
  • Release to light traffic: three hours after the completion of the application;
  • For any type of paint 16 hours after completion of the application.


  • Keeping the closed container when not in use.
  • Never reuse the packaging for any purpose other than the conditioning of the product.
  • Store the original packaging in a dry, ventilated area away from heat sources.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Prepare and apply the product to the ever-drying ventilated area.
  • We recommend the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves, boots and goggles.
  • In case of contact with skin and eyes, rinse with clean running water for 45 minutes. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. In both cases, consult a doctor immediately and take the pack.


The information contained herein is supported by tests, analyzes and technical knowledge. Measured values and results may fluctuate due to environmental characteristics and / or use of the product that are not manufacturer’s responsibility. There is no other express or implied warranties. No agent, seller, distributor or dealer has the authority to extend, modify or suppress these provisions.


  • For indoor use only;
  • Use only in concrete to be coated;
  • Never apply when the substrate temperature is reached or within 24 hours at a temperature below 5 ° C or exceeding 38 ° C.